Technology That Empowers You

Avera Insights provides personalized technology services that help your organization identify new opportunities, provide better user experiences, and improve outcomes.


Custom solutions

Avera can create custom technology solutions that align with the needs of your organization.


Data Insights

We can help organize and analyze your data to produce actionable insights.



Tell a robust story with your data using our interactive charts and graphs.


Technology Solutions for You

Off-the-shelf software products often can't meet the unique demand of modern data-driven organizations. Avera creates bespoke technology solutions that fit your organization's needs.

Actionable Insights from Data

Analyzing data is a challenge all organizations face. Our team has extensive experience in data analytics, with a specialization in Healthcare and Quality. We can help you leverage existing and new data sources to meet your goals.

Interactive Charts and Graphs

Tell a complex story with your data. With interactive charts and graphs, you can visualize and understand your data in new and insightful ways.

Technology essential to the operation of most businesses today, yet many organizations struggle to leverage IT effectively. I founded Avera Insights to help organizations use technology to reach their goals.

Avera's foundation for success is our deep passion for technology and decades of professional experience. Our base of experience includes small local businesses, regional organizations, and Fortune 500 companies like United Healthcare. Our team has expertise in many different disciplines, including data management, data analysis, software development, reporting, and cyber security.

Let Avera Insights tackle your technology issues so you get back to your organization's mission. Get in touch today to discuss your technology needs and how Avera can help.

Patrick, Founder, Avera Insights

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